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So, I found a great deal on a Galant VR-4. The only issue is that it needs a transmission rebuild or replacement.

There are a TON of modifications to this car, and is part of the reason it gave me so much interest.

Basically the entire car is built without a working transmission.

So, if I were to pick this car up as is, I would want a reputable garage/shop that could take out the old tranny and put a good built one in. (or rebuild current one).

So where could that be for me? I'm located in Minnesota.

I wanna be able to call them up and get a quote for this VR-4 because I really would like it.

Besides the tranny, seems that everything is cool, besides some relatively minor cosmetic things. I'll probably want it repainted in the spring.

So yeah, how much of a cost am I looking at?
Post some shops that ya'll know of in Minnesota or close to, thanks!!
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