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Considering joining the fold

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Hey all! I'm looking at possibly buying a 1998 Eclipse GS-T spyder off Craigslist, been doing some research on the internet, and am about ready to reach out to schedule a time to see the car. It's got 95k miles, appears unmodified other than maybe a radio head unit and an exhaust, and owner is asking for $8900. What should I specifically do on the test drive to make sure that it's a solid car? It would be just used as a daily driver, I have a Fiesta ST as my fun track car to pour money into.
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Forgot to say, but it's a manual car, I saw something in a YT vid about coming off the clutch in 3rd without throttle and if it stalls, clutch is good, but if it's able to get going, then clutch is slipping

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Congratulations on considering the purchase of a 1998 Eclipse GS-T Spyder! Before finalizing the deal, it's crucial to behavior a thorough test force to make sure the auto's condition.
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