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Hello guys and gals,

I have this problem since the first day I got the car but finally I dove in to fixing it, normally I just disconnect the negative from battery and leave the car like that.

I noticed the west gate solenoid was buzzing and it can only be running if the ECU is on. Yes I found the ECU (AEM 30-1320 pretty old) is on even I turn off the key and wait a lot. The power pins on the ECU 12 and 25 are always on, unless I disconnect the AEM ecu and put it back. Then I need to start the engine and they never turn off.

question for the enthusiasts:

1- Is the power power pins using MFI relay? Should the Power on pin 12 and 25 turn off as soon as I turn off the ign? Fuel pump and etc is turning off.
2- I noticed the permanent battery 12 connection (Pin 80) is not working, can this be some way related to my issue? (Never turning off power)

Best regards for DSMers
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