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Continued from my last f/s thread! *UPDATE 1*

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Well, guys/gals. I am in a pickle. My ex wife is trying to take my baby daughter from me and I need the money for a family lawyer. Here are the items I have left:

$1550 PTE GT67 T04S T3/T4 setup w/Turbonetics manifold, 38mm Tial wastegate, 38mm tial dumptube, and custom 2.5" o2 housing. Everything is polished or jet coated. 1k miles on setup *Turbo is Pending*
$1000 Sparco Torinos w/rails & sliders for a 2G. Comes with red seat belt harnesses and all the necessary bolts and whatnot. Brand new *Pending*
$450 PLX 500 wideband w/digital display. will come w/2 o2 sensors. 1 brand new, 1 used.
$125 2G *95* GST non eprom ECU. Works perfectly.
$150 2G *98* GSX ECU. Came from my 98 GSX & works perfectly.
$200 Tan leather F/R... rear is perfect, passanger side is good, driver side has a tear on the bolster.
$200 14b turbo setup from a 91 GSX... turbo, manifold, o2 housing... unknown mileage but has no shaft play.
$150 2G 98 FWD axles 30k miles... perfect shape
$175 2G AWD suspension for the entire front includes: rack, balljoints, control arms, wheel bearings, and studs
$100 2G AWD stock turboback exhaust. great shape. comes w/cat.
$100 2G FWD gastank w/sendor... 70k miles
$100 2G tan interior panels... enough for 2 sets. take them all
$40 2G yellow accel wires.. less then 1k miles of use.
$40 2G grey leather bottoms. perfect shape.
$30 1G 3" intake pipe for non-mas
$20 phantom volt gauge 52mm
$75 2G SMIC w/all the piping from a 99. great shape.
$60 2G TB w/all sensors. pulled from a running 98GSX
$30 1G BOV... works great.
$50 Black w/polished letters hyundai VC w/bolts.. no cracks
$30 95 headlights. little foggy. nothing a little sanding wouldnt take care of.
$50 2G grey driverside airbag.. just the airbag
$40 2G VC... no cracks. good for powdercoat or replacing a cracked VC
$30 1G drive shafts
$20 1G altenator
$30 1G timing belt cover *top* no cracks
$50 2G 99 GST stock springs... 45k miles *Pending*

This is basically everything I have left. If you see something you need just PM me or email me at [email protected]
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I would sell everything I own to keep my daughter. It is good to see you are the same way. Best wishes.
knewblewkorvett said:
I would sell everything I own to keep my daughter. It is good to see you are the same way. Best wishes.
Thanks. My daughter means more to me then life itself. I can buy part later, but this is something that needs to be done.
Props and power to you, I'm currently in a custody battle for my daughter as well. It's not easy for us dads. Don't ever give up.
mad props to you..im 17 years old and have not had experience with offspring..but to me.. this is major decision, and you are choosing the correct one, and for that..i respect you....if the 1g bov offer above falls through..ill take a shot at it possibly..and if you have an aftermarket uicp..or pods..im looking for all 3..thanks man..and once again..dont give up
Thanks guys. Its means alot to hear from others points of views on my situation. Ive been a single father since she was 2 months old and she is now 23 months old. Its been an on-going thing for awhile now but I have spent a boatload of money this past year and its just time I get rid of the necessities.

I will update the thread about parts available and how things are going with my daughter and me.
Is your BOV still for sale? If so, hit me up...e-mail [email protected] Thanks
NJHK said:
Is your BOV still for sale? If so, hit me up...e-mail [email protected] Thanks
I have a couple of serious buyers. If they fall through, I will let you know.
accel plug wires and volt gauge? 50 shipped?????
I'm highly interested in the 14b turbo set up? my turbo on my 90' TSi blew this past sunday and I need to fix the car, I was gonna upgrade to a 16g but it's a bit more money than what I have now to add the fuel pump and such. Do you have pics of it? How much shipped to 80123? Thanks.
I'm interested in the AWD front suspension. I just got into an accident Friday and my front wheel is falling off. Pic in my gallery. I would like to know if the entire suspension you mentioned includes both sides in the front, upper and lower control arms, strut and springs, wheel bearings and when you say rack are you referring to the rack and pinion steering? Basically everything that involves holding the front wheels to the car is what you are selling?
i will take the volt gauge of your hands let me know the diameter.. e-mail me at [email protected] and good luck with everything bro
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