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coolant line busted..need help asap

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ok well i have a 97 eclipse rs nd only mods are an aem cai and a r1 racing sport muffler...well i have been thinking my thermostat has been going out for a while now...im not too sure how the coolant system works so im just looking for all the help i can get...my temperature guage has been acting retarded lately...its been going all the way up to the h mark in normal driving conditions and highway driving and it goes back down and back up constantly as im driving sometimes but normally stays in the middle...the connection for the thermostat temperature guage thing is loose and corroded but when put all the way on there the temperature guage works fine...stays in the middle...welli busted a coolant line tonight and took the pvc hose off and rigged it up where it ran to the house...the hose that busted was the hose that runs along the front of the block right next to the thermostat housing...im wondering why this happened...ive been driving like this for about 3 to 4 months now and nothing like this happened...im not sure if i gave all the information that you guys need to give me an answer so please if you need information please ask...please help i appreciate it
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the hose probably busted because it was going bad. You need to check all of your hoses to make sure they are ok and that they are not corroding from the inside out or getting heatsoaked. A telltale sign they are going bad is when they look like they are puffing up like a balloon when the engine is running. Umm now as far as your jury rigging goes to make your temp gauge work...that is just wiring and making sure your temp sensor isn't shot. Unless I read wrong you said that the connector is corroded...that should have been fixed first. To be honest it sounds like a sensor went out but that you did not keep up on simple maintenance thta may have been able to keep you from having problems.
i appreciate the help...your right...the only thing i got around to is buying the intake and thats because my friend knew someone down in texas but i bought the car in arkansas while in the process of moving to texas so really i just bought the car, packed up, and left for texas and havent been able to keep up maintenence....ive finally got around to getting new spark plugs and wires and thats when my line blew....ive been trying to keep maintenece up on it but im 17 out living on my own...how would i test my thermostat to see if its working properly?
im sorry im not trying to be an ass or anything...I understand everyone has extinuating circumstances and such. But as far as your temp sensor I don't know how to test it myself but I can point you in the right direction. Jump onto DSMTuners and look up a guy named ddavisaf he will know.
thanks for your help man...i got things fixed except the thermostat and sending unit and connector so it is still jumping around...i have one last question though...this is about the fans...when are they supposed to both be on...at normal running temp at idle just sitting the left one comes on but not the right...is this normal? im just gonna hook both of them up to a switch but i would still like to know
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