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Correct wire

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Ok im putting my boost gauge on and i plan on running the power from dimmer switch my question is which wire color should i tap into?
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the wire color is green with white stripe. there is also another wire for the dimmers: black with red stripe which is used for the console control lights (power/economy, o/d off or what not). i would tap into the green with white stripe. that controls all of the other illuminations on the dash.
To do dimming, the gauge needs to have two separate wires
coming out for the bulb. It can't have one side of the bulb
connected to ground. Hopefully your gauge is like this.

The two wires you need to tap on the car are:
- Green wire w/ white stripe - this comes on with the taillights
- Black wire w/ yellow stripe - this is from the rheostat
it has three wires plus black (ground) Its greddy 52 mm gauge.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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