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Corvette, 03 Evo 8

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C5 Corvette

While on my way to Dustin's place I was just driving on 135th st in Op. As I was at the light at 135th st and Antioch this white mid-late 90's Corvette pulled up next to me. I wasn't even thinking of looking over. I pulled up just a cunt hair.

I guess pulling up that far and my exhaust was just a clue to race. This older guy (50+ years old I guess) looked over at me and just gave a funny smile and laughed.

All of a sudden I hear him rev and see him nod. I do the same and start to rev. I am thinking, "Oh, god, what did I get myself into"

As we are at the light waiting, I keep seeing him nudge up. I do the same.

Dig one:

He jumps the light about half a car ahead. I launch and INSTANTLY pull 1 car ahead of him. I stayed about 1 car ahead until about the middle of 2nd gear. He starts to reel me in the beginning of 3rd around 80mph. We get door to door until about 100mph. He then pulls harder about a fender or so ahead of me.

I shut down around 110mph with him a fender length ahead.

As we both settle down and cruise to around 30mph. I see him stick his head out and say...

"What the hell is in that Jap-Car?"

I said " Turboooooo"

He laughed and smiled to his passenger. I turned off and went on my way.

03' Evo 8. Bone stock. Went [email protected]

For awhile now I have been wanting to race an Evo8. Since I have done very well against STi's. From a stop of course. So I got a chance on Sunday at the Boosted Meet.

First Run: 40-45 roll.

We was rolling around 40-45. I was brake boosting. Third honk, I got ahead around half a car. Stayed that way for a bit. Around 80mph he slowly started to creep up

First Dig:

I had a great launch. Not much wheel spin. Got about half a car to a car out of the whole. Kind of stayed that way until around 90mph until I started to see him gain on me.

Second Dig:

Pointless because I shut down at 40mph Due to car's in front of us.

Thrid Dig:

We both had great launches. This was closer. He around my rear bumper, rear quarter the entire time.
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cool runs :) i think the first run was a good one. with the vet
lol I agree... love giving those Amurrrican car owners a scare every once and a while :p
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