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outlined here: http://k7fx.com/d3/products/cskinfo.html

first info on my car:

'95 talon fwd
tokico illumina shocks
eibach prokit springs
energy suspension bushings
rmdsm front and rear sway bars
rre front and rear strut tower bars
rre lower tie bar
quaife differential
16" 225/55

the D3 design kit replaced the RRE front stb and lower tie bar. and added stiffening bars to the rear suspension pieces, one for each side l/r.

before driving impressions: my car handled very well before. i have been to an open track event and my car was fairly nuetral. it would oversteer a bit under breaking and low speed <35mph sharp turns. it, however, was very predictable

after S3D CSK: well for one thing these bars made a big difference between driving with the other bars, so i can only imagine they'd make a HUGE difference on a car that didn't start off with so much. it was obvious that i was getting a bit less flex because my low speed oversteer was gone (less flex means the front was gripping a bit less on single sharp turns). the lower bar that was replaced made an impact on reducing torque steer, as now taking corners hard is a bit more of a point and shoot technique. after adjusting tire pressures and shock settings i found the nice nuetral area for the car again.

as for the products themselves. the person doing the fabrication was very knowledgable, having experience doing custom suspension and roll cage work for more than a few pro race cars. the bars are all solid, which means there are no joints in the pieces so you know these bars will not flex. the front strut tower bar connects to the two usual places, along with two places on the firewall. this makes a nice triangular design to help stiffening. the lower bar mounts to slightly different locations than the RRE lower tie bar.

to sum up, this is a quality kit. i don't see that they have made them available for sale yet, so i don't know how much they'll cost. but, i'm confident in reccomending this kit along with a Suspension Techniques or RMdsm sway bar kit as being the best solution for bolt-on suspension bar upgrades on the market now.

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