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First off, Happy Veterans Day to all my fellow DSMtalk military Veterans!

I will be supporting one of my favorite local bands tonight, Deaf Angel, @ Tomcats West. It is their official CD release party and if your a fan of aggressive metal (not just idiots screaming, but good vocals and musicians) I encourage you guys to come out.

Tomcasts West
3137 Alta Mere Dr, Fort Worth, TX

I wanna meet some of the local DSM crew and have a good time. I know it's short notice and nobody uses the regional forums much; but I thought I'd give it a shot and see if I could get a small crowd of DSM fans tonight. After the show, me and a few friends plan to cruise to Grapevine Mills AMC theater and watch the new movie "Immortal".

Wishing everyone a safe and fun weekend,

a.k.a Jason
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