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2.5" Compressor Inlet Elbow for 1G cars - black only
Reduces intake pressure drop to 2.0psi @ 450cfm (with 'hacked' MAS) (see FAQ Page for test results).
Fits 14b, 16g & 16G Compressors. INCLUDES:
1. 2.5"OD mandrel bent 45deg 16ga steel elbow with welded BOV tube (fits stock BOV hose in stock location).
2. Rubber Hose Coupling and (2) stainless steel clamps.
3. Requires cutting your stock rubber inlet tube, instructions included.
4. Powder Coated for durability & scratch resistance
CIP-1gA - $49.95

1.75" Compressor Outlet Pipe for 1g Cars - black only
Increase restricted area 37% over stock
Fits 14b (stock 1g) & 16g Compressors. INCLUDES:
1. 1.75"OD mandrel bent elbow
2. Gasket and Porting template
3. (2) Stainless steel socket head cap screws
Comes without pressure fitting Add Pressure tap fitting +$ 5.00
COP-1.8A - $39.95

what kind of performance boost am I looking to get with these 2 parts?

I will be ordering the dejon UIP next week along with these if they help.

please let me know what they will help me with and how much.

thanks guys :)

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a long time ago when i upgraded to my 16g. i simply cut the end off my stock rubber tube and put in a 2.25" 45 degree piece. i still kept the stock BOV return and the rest of the tube.

well i then bought the Dejon full hardpipe from MAS to turbo.

i went to the track after installing it and ran the EXACT same MPH and ET in 60', 1/8th, and 1/4 miles.

it didnt give me 1 single gain at any point in the time slip....

so basically i paid $115 shipped to gain absolutely nothing.

this is just my experience with intake pipes.........
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