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It would be great if you could delete a post that you made. I posted the Long Island Cruise information to the Tech Talk forum by mistake. Once posted I couldn't delete it to post it in the correct forum.

I also think it would be great if there was a forum for Parts Deals where users could post information about parts they have obtained cheaply. I'm currently trying to build a 12sec 2G for the least amount possible.

So far I've got:
Dave Brode UIC - $72 (www.atmosphereperformance.com/dbrode/index.html)
Used Crushed 1G BOV - $35 (www.dsmtrader.com)
Freedom Designs front Strut Bar - $40 (www.nopionline.com)
Noname K&N type filter (Same element)- $75 (Big Boys Toys - 718-397-5176)
Primax 496 Wheels - @ $99 (incl lugs & locks - Performance Plus 310-373-9435)
Nitto Extreme 450 - @ $129 (incl balancing - same as above)
AEM front Big Brakes - $390 (+ NY tax $33.15) (www.skspeed.com)
AEM back big brakes - $216 (www.carparts.com 33% coupon)
Goodridge SS Brake lines - $59 (www.carparts.com $50 coupon)
Lotek 2 Gauge pod - $40 (+ $5 ship) (www.mindspring.com/~lotek)
Autometer Z series Boost Gauge - $49 (www.grandprixstore.com)
Axxis Metal Master pads - $45 (Pro Parts - www.partsauthority.com)
Joe P Manual Boost Controller - $50 (www.turbologic.com/joepmbc/)
Lacquer Brake Caliper Paint kit - $49 (www.ultraperformance.com)
Symborski Shifter Kit - $35 (+ $5 ship) (members.trivergent.net/~dsymbor/frames.htm)


[This message has been edited by ohmygawd (edited August 28, 2000).]

The setting is currently to allow users to edit, but not delete. Reason is, if a long thread ensues, then a user for whatever reason goes back and deletes their original post, the rest of the thread looses some meaning which is a bummer since people may have spent a good deal of their time responding. However, I will change it as you suggest to allow user deletions, and we will see how it goes.

The parts deals forum is an interesting idea... since cheapest is not always the best move... maybe call it "Parts Deals and Reviews"? Getting a $35 MBC may be cheap but if the product sucks it might be good to talk about that too.

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