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Did my clutch go out?

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I was driving down the freeway..and i pushed my clutch in to go into 5 gear and then it suddenly just went all the way in as if nothing was there. And it felt like i was just tryin to push on air when pushing the clutch in. So i couldnt get it to go into any gears and had to pull over to the side of the road. Did my clutch go out? or transmission? or my friend said soemthing about a clutch cable? can someone help me please
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Have you recently changed your clutch? Like your friend said it sounds like something in your hydraulic system. Check and make sure you have fluid in your master cylinder if you do more than likely it took a crap on you. If you do not follow the line comming from it to the slave cylinder and look for any cracks or something of the sorts.
had the same thing happen twice although i was not on the freeway....one time i still had fluid but the slave had gone out.....other time fluid was gone and it was the line.....kind of doubt the clutch is bad.
yeah i found out it was just the fluid. thank god
cable, fork???? i dunno, it ain't your actual clutch though (disc, pressure plate).
I have had the same thing happen to me before. I had no fluid. Might wanna check to see where you are losing it.
agreed. sounds like ur slave is dry. Check ur fluid levels if it is low refill and see if it drains again, you could have bad seals or a leak in the line.
sounds like the line to me.......just be glad its not something serious. :D
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