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I would recommend searching eBay for cheap Mitsubishi Evolution VIII coilovers.
I typed in ebay "suspension evo 8" and got this For 03-07 Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 8 9 Coilover Suspension GOLD 801n evo8 9 | eBay

I know people use this on 3000GT's and Dodge Stealths, and they share almost 100% of the same parts as a 1G DSM. 6th Gen galants and galant vr4's are also identical to a 1G DSM.

Height is the only variable that I don't know the answer to. 1G coilovers might ride too low for you on the galant as it is heaver with a slightly longer wheel-base.

Here are the adapters which enable this swap SCE Suspension Adapters Kit - Fit EVO8/9 Struts & Coilovers on AWD 3000GT VR4 Stealth TT

Crappy no-name evo suspension is well under $300 at the time of writing, and buying the adapter for $200 doesnt make sense if you can build something similar with basic tools & scrap metal.
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