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DON'T buy from boostin4g63t

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I got screwed up along with a few others. I purchased an AWD downpipe from him and never got it. His excuse was "i lost the tracking number" :rolleyes:

He's full of crap and will take your money and wont ship out your item. When I tell him to refund my money, he says this

dude you know damn well i sent you the down pipe and you got it stop trying to get a free fucking downpipe
stay away unless you want to get screwed over. Happy Thanksgiving :)

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What a tool bag, some people dont like to work for there money. He simply ripps people off.
If you can prove you paid, it's his responsibility to prove he shipped it, there is an FBI internet fruad division that likes to go after guys like this, i had to do it with some clown off ebay over an $800 turbo! I'm sure i can dig up all the information. This guy has commited mail fraud and it's punishable by jail time and a fine!
you must be nuts he f*cking payed with pay pall dont you think if he trully didnt get the down pipe he would have just filed a clame and got the money back i sent him the down pipe he knows it
well boost, u have to find that tracking number, I also just got screwed out of 400 from an ebay member, I bought the item nov 6, and its now past thanksgiving day and I still haven't recieved anything, he told me that he gave it to his brother and his brother shipped it out five days after I paid him, and the guy will not provide me a tracting number, so if u really did send the part, u have to find that tracking number, cause hell, he could have not recieved it, it could've went to fucking alaska, My brother bought a part three weeks ago, and found out his item went to MI, and not to pa, so he called the guy up and he was able to get it back from where ups sent it to and back to my brothers door step like within three days, so find that tracking number
well thats prolly next to inpossible this deal happend i dont know how many months ago and i just moved so i got boxes packed every were i dont even know if i have the recpept its been so long
This is exactly why DSMTalk didn't have a classifieds section until it opened up under new ownership.

Seller: A tracking number should have been provided upon sending the product. How else are you to prove that you sent it? Perhaps the shipper keeps records long enough for you to contact them and retrieve the tracking number?

Buyer: Why didn't you ask for your money back through paypal and move on?
paypal can't do anything about your money when you fill for it and the guy already withdrew the money from his account. i should know. :(
yangtech said:
paypal can't do anything about your money when you fill for it and the guy already withdrew the money from his account. i should know. :(
Not true in all cases. If the buyer used a credit card or debit card to pay paypal with, then paypal will return the money to the buyer and put the seller in a negative balance on his paypal acct. (i'm not sure how it works if you use your checking acct...might be similar) They will send creditors after him and then after a while will report it to the credit bureaus. There is a certain timeframe this must happen in but i'm not sure what that timeframe is.
A buddy of mine bought some Sparco seats off of ebay from some guy. The guy took the money and ran. Paypal only gave him $100 bucks back. He was out $500
Paypal wont help out anybody...Ive learned my lesson and stay away from all the drama. Unfortunately this system of classifieds is based solely on the HONOR SYSTEM, therefore some transactions will go smoothly and others end up like the one above.

It's greedy world out there. :(
From the rules:
(9) No customer service issues and no bad guy posts. Those types of issues are between you and the vendor or seller! If you have a non-inflammatory, non-biased, factual, relevant experience with a vendor, that is relevant to an existing thread, you may post it. If you are not sure if your post regarding a vendor is non-inflammatory, non-biased, factual, and relevant, DO NOT POST IT.
I let you both air out your stories real quick but this is in violation of the board rules. Communicate with other and resolve this off of the board.

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