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Door lock questions....

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Hey guys...my 1G has manual locks. When I bought the car, the key would not work in the drivers side door. I've tried lubing it with graphite lube, but the lock won't turn at all. It actually seems like it may have been changed at some point in time, and I don't have the right key.

Mu question is, is it possible to remove the lock mechanism and have a locksmith make my keys work in it? OR...does anyone know where I could find a new lock mechanism & key? I wouldn't mind having a different key on either door, I just like to stop opening the car from the passenger side!

Any help would be great....

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I would definetly contact a local locksmith and see if the lock can be re-keyed.
Also you may want to consider one of the many affordable keyless entry/alarms out there now. All you would need beyond the basic kit if actuators for the locks, not expensive either.
All you have to do is put the key in and jiggle it up and down then try to turn it, it it dosent work try again, eclipse's are notorious for the pins in the key tumblers getting stuck.
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