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drivabilaty prob

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my eclipse keeps bucking at high rpm and ir has a cod p0107 fuel trim prob and a p0310 ive tested every thing i can think of and sugestions whould be very aprciated :confused:
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well can any one help with this prob lm or point me in te rite direction
Its driveability and just enter those codes in the search function and you should find info on it...im sure somebody else has had this problem before you.
I have one of the codes. p0107. mine bucks at high rpms and under boost.

hope someone can help.
the po310 is a misfire/ignition code for a specific cylinder but i forget which one, and is most likely causing your fuel trim code. check your plugs/wires and replace if needed, use NGK bp7es or if you on a budget you can use autolite 63 coppercore. i use the autolites becasue there free for me and i replace them every 3-5k miles. you may also have a vacuum/boost leak. keep me updated and ill try and help if this doesnt help
P0107 is your MAP/BARO Circuit Low Input error. Check the connections at the MAS, replace it if necessary.

P0310 is a misfire in cylinder 10, which is impossible since you only have four cylinders. Maybe you got the number backwards and triggered P0301, which is a misfire in the #1 cylinder?
thanks quasimondo. i was thinkin the samething about the po310, but its late and i dont wanna think about codes, i have a real nice breakdown of obd2 codes here to help everyone diagnose codes when you only know the number

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