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Hello everyone,
I am selling my Dodge Avenger. Yeah, I haven't been active in the DSM community for several years, but I still have my DSM powered Avenger. The old-schoolers may remember me and my car. My Avenger has an AWD 4G63 swap. Please have a look at my CarDomain page...yeah, they still have that! I'm amazed too. I posted the link below. This was only the second Avenger to have this swap done at the time. The interior seating has more room than the Eclipse/Talon, however, the interior is identical! I believe there is an extra 6" of space in the back seat compared to the E/T. If you live in Colorado and would like to personally see it, let me know.

I have been on the fence with this thought of selling my DSM powered Avenger because I was going to pass it down to my son, however, having four of them makes that decision of who to pass it down to tough. So, let me start by saying my Avenger has sat on my driveway for the last 4 years, not running. It still runs. My clutch lost pressure, so I'm in the process of changing both parts and fluid. The rear diff may need repairs, however, that was the last time I did anything with it and has just sat on my driveway. Meaning the rear diff is still in the same state of disrepair. The first year I would crank it up, but since the clutch drops to the floor, I have been unable to start it and just haven't had the time to repair it even with the parts just sitting in my garage.

So, I'll start at $1200. I'll post current pics as soon as I get home. Please do message me if you are interested.

http://www.cardomain.com/ride/633614/1997-dodge-avenger/ - The rest of my car's information and pictures.

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