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Sorry for the quality of the pictures but the camera was broken when we started this project ...

Lets do some wires tucking. ;)

Well I decided to cut the floor in the hatch and fab a new floor to put my battery box. It also save weight, remove 18 lbs and my new flor is 2.5 lbs. :cool:

Better be safe when you cut this floor ! ;) Don't forget to watch the gaz filler hose that pass near where I had to cut ...


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So how did you weld the new floor to the back part of the hatch? Did you bend it up and weld or rivet?
It looks cool, I guess but to save 16lbs, meh. Not worth it IMO.

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I was gonna do the same to my GVR4, but becuase of the contours on the VR4 trunk, I decided against it.

Looking good.

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Nice start to what I'm sure will be a great build thread.
Thanks Steve, will do my best I promise. :D

So how did you weld the new floor to the back part of the hatch? Did you bend it up and weld or rivet?
It looks cool, I guess but to save 16lbs, meh. Not worth it IMO.
I will use rivets to hold the new floor since it's in aluminium ... Well 16 lbs is not bad at all I think and it also looks awesome with the battery box on it. ;)

Ok, so it is in a garage in Canada and you are removing some stuff.

What parts or work is going into the car?
Plans when its done?
Hp Goals?
1/4mile goals?
Where did you get the car and how long have you had it? More info please.
The car will have a new exterior and interior paint and some serious body work. I don't really know when I'll be done with this project but it's going on it's way. :rolleyes:

The story of my DSM:
I got the car 3 years ago with 90 000 miles on it. The car was bone stock and not really good looking ... Well not good looking at all. :eek:

Anyway my T25 blew last summer so I put an evo3 with a SSaC fmic but now I'm hitting fuel cut ... Time for DSM-Link. I don't want to list all the new parts I have to install because I can't remember everything I bought ... ;)

Hp Goals? Well I will let the dyno tell me my whp when I'll be done but I want to be in the 400whp for sure.

Stay tuned

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Ok I finaly find the time to do a list of all the mods I have done since I bought the car. All these parts where installed before I start the build. :D

DSM4LIFE-AWD Current Mods:

- Stock 2.0L 4G63T 7 bolts
- Balance shafts
- Turbo 16g Evo III
- NGK BPR7ES spark plugs 0.028“ Gap
- Magnecore KV85 Spark Wire
- Hallman Pro RX Boost Controller
- Greddy Oil Catch Can on Valve Cover Pressure
- Custom Catch Can on pcv valve
- SS Exhaust Manifold Studs
- EGR Block-Off Plate

- 2G MAF
- Ebay Intake Hard Pipe + Filter
- SSAutoChrome FMIC
- Ebay Type RS Blow Off Valve + Return Kit

- PaceSetter Exhaust Manifold
- SSAutoChrome External Dump o2 Housing
- Megan Racing 2.5” to 3” Down-Pipe
- N1 3" Cat-Back Exhaust

- GlowShift Boost Gauge 30-0-30
- GlowShift Oil pressure gauge
- GlowShift Oil temp gauge
- GlowShift Water temp gauge
- GlowShift A/F Disco Light
- Innovatek 4303 Radio
- Greddy Turbo Timer
- MTX Distribution block + In line Fuse

Fuel System:
- Fuel Pump Rewire, 8ga feed wire

- Tokico HP Struts + Coils
- Front/Rear Upper Strut Bar
- DAI Chaos 17”x 7” 42mm Offset
- 215/45/ZR17 Wanli tires
- Energy Suspension Polyurethane Rear Suspension Bushings Kit
- Ingualls Rear Camber kit

- Fidanza Flywheel
- Stage2 Clutch XTR
- Ebay B&M Short Shifter
- SS clutch line
- Slave Restrictor Removed
- Shifter Base Metal Bushings
- Shifter Cable Metal Bushings
- Clutch Switch Disconnected

- Mount Pillar Gauge
- Mount Center Gauge

Other stuff ... :
- Shaved and Polish Valve Cover
- Hayame Chrome Plug Cover
- Hayame Chrome Oil Cap
- HID Bulb High/Low Beam
- Clear Side Marker
- Clear Cam-Gear Cover
- Non-Cruise Throttle Cable

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New parts to install (All in stock):

- Cometic head gasket
- ARP head studs
- OEM Oil pan
- DSM Link
- Walbro 255hp fuel pump
- 8AN ss fuel feed line
- Aeromotive fuel filter #12301
- Aeromotive fuel filter braket #12305
- Aeromotive fuel rail #14105
- Aeromotive Fuel pressure regulator #13101
- Aeromotive Pressure gauge #15633
- 6AN ss fuel return line
- Earl’s fittings and adapters
- Fuel Injector Clinic 1050cc
- Greddy timing belt
- Balance shaft removal kit
- EvoIII exhaust manifold ported 7cm and wrap with DEI
- Auto-Meter Boost Gauge
- Auto-Meter Oil pressure Gauge
- Auto-Meter Oil Temp Gauge
- Auto-Meter Water Temp Gauge
- AEM 6in1 WideBand
- Auto-Meter Shift Light
- 2 Bride Low-Max Bucket Seats
- Non-ABS proportional valve and custom stainless steal brake lines
- GoodRidge SS Brake lines #26025
- R1 Concept Drill/Slot brake disc (got the early vented rear disc)
- Axxis Ceramic brake pads
- JM Fab Delux water over tank
- Tial-Q Blow off valve with SS Flange
- GM 3” MAF
- Hayame Radiator braket
- Prothane Motor mount
- Custom floor trunk
- Moroso Battery box
- Moroso Kill switch
- Optima Battery yellow top
- FP Intake hard pipe + KN 12”

Parts to buy as far as I know (This is not a WTB):

- Q45 Throttle

Stay tuned :cool:

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You work fast.
Well I'm just updating the thread. These pictures where taken maybe 4 weeks ago. The car just came out of the paint shop so the thread will be update after I post the body work pictures. ;)
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