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This is from early 2005, anyways, I ordered parts from RRE had a little mix up but atleast they had the backbone to fix the mistake and quickly, great service. Ordered some of the other parts threw dsmparts.com, will never do that again. Not only did it take FOREVER to get their parts, once they got here their service was horrible. The ARP head studs I ordered had all 10 studs, all 10 washers, the lube but only 9 nuts, so I called them and told them the problem, said they'd have a manager call me back before the week was out. 2 weeks later I call them again, remind them of the order number, demand to talk to a manager, he says he'll get it shipped. 2 weeks later, still nothing I call one more time and they tell me they're done with me and hangup... if you want customers, treat them with respect.
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everybody knows they suck... extremepsi.com only :)
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