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I recently purchased this dual fuel pump setup off a member on the dsmlink forums. Pretty much the day after, I changed my mind and bought another full setup. So now this one is going back up for sale.

What I have here is two Walbro 255HP in-tank pumps in a 1g sending unit. Pumps are in good working condition, and already wired up. They are in parallel to a -8an bulkhead fitting. This is an easy upgrade for those not wanting to get an expensive external setup. This with a boost-a-pump has put Kiggly into the 8 second range, and he's on a -6an line.

I bought it for $260 and will put it back up for that price. Save yourself some time and effort for this drop-in setup.

Pics up tomorrow
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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