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Latest update on my 92 GSX, first ever dyno run just to see what im starting off with so i can record my progress, went ok, not what i expected but now i know.
Went to japtrix in West Palm Beach, only all wheel drive dyno place i ever found down here. their pretty good their and know what their doing.
Warm up run​

First Run on 3rd gear

Sorry very new to this i couldn't get video to embed in thread

Dyno run was aborted because I was running way to lean and did have any mods to adjust fuel. But at the end of it i made 226HP.

Right after the run i went and got a walbro 255 fuel pump, and installed a aftermarket boost gauge. Here are some pics of the the shop and my car.

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If those are Mustang dyno #'s then that's not bad without fuel mods. If those are Dynojet #'s then you might be running too lean and it's pulling timing/power.
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