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ECU CALI to FED R129 R130 emmisions swap

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Ive done it before in my last talon.. My Q is i have a FED 92tsi the stock ecu was shot and the replacement i have is a eprom ecu but it is cali emmisions and throwing a CEL for this, but the problems i was have before are now fixed (fuel cut) but now (correct me if im wrong) the CEL is putting the ecu into closed loop and under low accel or just crusing performance is horrid, im also getting bad gas mileage. I no i can either add a resistor or remove one out of the R129 or R130 spot to fix this problem and convert the ecu to a FED model. But now i cant find the link, i searched vfaq and cant find can anyone help me out.

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I must be smoking plastic :mad:
here are some threads about r130 and r129 that i found. I had some issues with them about a year ago. Hope it helps:
As you can see there is not a ton of information out there, and your likely to hit some brick walls like i did.
1k Resistor at R129 will convert Cali ECU to federal.

Thanks that helps. but now isee somthing about awd fwd gear ratios? affected by the ecu, are they talking about the TCU for a auto?

Ive seen a chart before for all the different setups for a ecu FWD/AWD CA/FED, just about any ECU can be made to work in any DSM (turbo ECU).
I should have enough info to fix my problem. But I still would like to find that chart.

And in your link they say that the CEL that it throws has no affect on engine performance This is BS right. I can feel it pulling timing or somthing and my gas milage :eek: . then again it could be somthing else to look into.
Recent tune up plugs filters leak checked ect. CEL is a code ~43 EGR
thegreatms said:
As you can see there is not a ton of information out there.
What more information is needed. I think I answered the question in the fourth post of the first thread you linked. The only thing I left out was that '94 ECU's all are CA style in regards to tthe EGR so switching the resistor doesn't help much on them either.

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