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ECU Problems

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Well Here's the problem. My car was runnin like crap and I couldn't figure out what it was. So i took it to a friends house for a diagnosis. We looked at the ecu just out af curiosity a low and behold there was the problem. One of my caps have seemed to 'explode' Which brings me to my problem I need help finding someone who sells an ecu for my car or a place where i can send mine off to get it fixed. By the way my car is a 90 Eagle Talon TSi AWD. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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I got a rebuilt 90 5spd ecu off ebay, it took forever getting here and now i have two i sell it too you for what i paid let me know. Id like to get rid off it
Is it an eprom and $ and was it from a turbo dsm
Yes 90 Turbo ECU 5spd , non Eprom. Did they make a 90 eprom?

The middle clip for the wiring harness is cracked but it still lockes in. Besides that is has brand new caps and a clean board. I paid 175$ shipped 8day ground. for what it cost extra i will ship it 1 or 2-3 day if you need it asap, and i have paypal.
AlpineWhite92 said:
Did they make a 90 eprom?
Yes they did. In all four versions (FWD, AWD, FED, CA)

i read on 1000 dsm faq, that all of the 90's had eprom's? Is this true?
ZishanMalik said:
i read on 1000 dsm faq, that all of the 90's had eprom's? Is this true?
No. I've seen plenty of non-EPROM '90 ECUs in all flavors.

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