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Engine Build-up

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I am rebuilding my bottom end. Is there any main things I should look out for, it's a 6 bolt. The crank, rods, mains I am just gonna get polished and keep standard sized, and the block should turn out all good and just get honed. I am going to put 2g pistons on my 1g rods too, and am thinking about replacing the main and rod bolts with Arps. Whatcha think are the ARPs overkill, Should I just go from mitsu? My mods will be I am thinking just a big 16g in the near future, FMIC and short route piping, and thats about it. No NOS or anything. Just a good all around street performer thats reliable. Anything I need to know please say so. I also am doing the balance shaft eliminator while im in there and ARP head Studs.
Thanks for your advice guys.
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if your doing a fresh rebuilt dont forget to get bearing also :)
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