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Engine mount help!!!

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Alright I just relized I need to change some of my mounts.. I might aswell change all of them.
Is there 3 or 4?
I looked at partsamerica.com and found 3.... the front which is part #8670 by anchor, 8797 which is the tranny mount and a rear which is #8798 which i dunno where it is located on the car...... but most importantly i cant find the upper driverside mount thats on the side....... anywherre????? any ideas?
This is for a 98 eclipse spyder gst Auto btw.

also does anyone know if this mount will work for my 98 gst eclipse auto? http://www.partsamerica.com/ProductDetail.aspx?mfrcode=ANH&mfrpartnumber=8792
its for a gallant.. it looks the same.....???
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AFAIK, our cars have 4 mounts. 3 engine mounts and 1 tyranny mount. I can't remember if it was nopi.com but they had the prothane motor mounts (set of all 4) for 65 bucks or so.

Lets see... there's one connected directly underneath car via the center crossmember where you would put a jack to lift front of car. Another underneath stock airbox location, one right next to timing belt, and the last one is on the back of the engine near the firewall. You'll have to take out your battery to see this sucker.

If you can't find your motor mounts, then theres no way you can replace them yourself.

Also 2g's have 3 trans mounts and 1 on the block.
I hope he meant he couldn't find the replacement part listed anywhere. It's kinda hard to miss the drivers side engine mount under the hood.
Look here:
If the link doesn't open -- click on the big metal thing under the hose to the right of the timing belt cover.
Yes,the 1g's were what he must've been referring to with 3 block mounts and 1 tranny mount..Good luck with that rear mount..
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