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Ok, I started talking about this problem in another post, but I think I should make it a separate topic.
After driving my car for 2 weeks at 15 PSI, my car has suddenly started acting different. When I am at WOT my boost will go to 15 PSI almost immediately, then drop to like 12 PSI and then near 6000 RPM's it will go back to around 14 PSI. In first and second I will usually no even reach 13 PSI. In the higher gears (3 and 4), the boost seems better but still exhibits this problem.
A little background about my car: 2G w/ T-25 turbo, air filter, HKS exhaust (3" i believe, but stock DP and cat), new UIC pipe w/ 1G blow-off valve, Apex AVC-R boost control, stock fuel delivery.

Ok, I checked all the fittings and they seem ok (not leaking), and my boost gauge is correct (backed up by my boost control readout). The turbo does not seem to be making any abnormal noises. I am stumped. The only thing I can think of, is a weak wastegate spring??? If anyone has any ideas, I would really appreciate some help or insight. Or if anyone has a way for me to narrow down the possible causes, that would help.
Also, I have not tried to mess with the solenoid duty cycle on the boost controller because it worked fine for 2 weeks with that setting. Thanks in advance, Brian

Brian P.
Best time: won't even try until I get a decent turbo
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