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Evo 560cc Fuel Injectors

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I've searched the forum up and down. Couldn't find fully what I'm looking for. I have a friend who upgraded his evo8 (420hp) and he gave me his 560cc fuel injectors and his 160lph stock fuel pump. My plan was to do a fuel pump rewire on my friends 90laser, but I heard that you have to reflash the ecu to get the evo injectors in there. I just wanted some input on this situation. Can I put the injectors in with an afc? Or do the pulse different? I'm assuming that there's no problem with the fuel pump. Please help! Again! Thanks guys/girls.
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Know what, I need to know the same thing. I'm going to just try it anyway, since I did rewire system and put the evo8 pump in already and going to get some evo8 injectors. So unless you or anyone posts before me when its done, I'll let you know if it works! I'll be using Evo3 16G turbo, evo8 pump/injectors, afc, stock MAF (I have '91 tsi fwd).
Well, DSM's don't really "Reflash"...Unless you are talking about un-installing and re-installing the battery so the ecu tries to learn the new fuel trims

Evo8 injectors should fit..I was thinking about picking up a set myself if I found a good price
It will work as long as you have some way of controlling them (i.e. AFC or MAFT). Goodluck.
Now what about the EVO 8 pump. I put it in place of my stock pump lastnight. It dosen't fit perfect and just had to use some female wire connectors to wire it up, but everything else went on ok. I have upgraded the pump power wire, and tuning my car with AFC2 using evo3 turbo (of corse). I don't see any reason why this pump wouldn't work or hold up to 18psi of boost with evo3 turbo/8injectors "controlled". I miss the good old conquest days, just go to the yard, snag a pump from a CIS fuel system VW, and put the bosch inline pump right inplace of the stocker...worked like a dream! I just hope this EVO8 pump does the trick.
The EVO 8 injectors are a simple drop in as far as fit but unlike other aftermarket injectors upgrades they are faster than stock injectors and need less deadtime than the 450s. It helps with an SAFC-II to create a 800 RPM NE point for idle corrections or you'll likely have your low fuel trims bottom up at idle. I found when burning my chip that the injectors needed about 48us less deadtime than the originals.

If your EVO 8 fp is hot wired directly off your battery you should be safe w/running 18 psi. If you want a fuel pump that directly drops in and doesn't need to be hot wired, I would go with the 93-95 RX-7 fuel pump.
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