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evo 8 IC hp rating?

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was just wondering how much power an evo 8 factory FMIC is rated for. at what level does it become inefficient? thanks, and yes i am a noob. lol
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no one knows what the stcock FMIC can take on a evo 8? i thought someone would know
dunno that, but im putting one in my 95 talon as we speak. its already in just modifying the bumper a bit to finish the job ;) just took a turkey break ya know :p
well the evo 8 pushes 270 hp somewhere around there. So figure if u have more than 325 hp get a bigger one
yep, I don't know the actual numbers but most evo owners replace it around 325-350hp range. Its usually one of the first things to be replaced. So if you want 350+ get a buschur.
It's also going to depend on how you GET that 350hp or so. Intercoolers can only remove so much % of thermal energy for surface area - but if you start with a 24PSi aircharge that's 200 degrees, you'll get less benefit than if you have a bigger turbo or more efficient system that can get that 350hp at 18 PSi and 160 degrees - so you'd need a bigger intercooler with that less efficient system to get the same temp at the throttle body.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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