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evo 8 parts on 1g.....

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just curious, i wanted to put the evo 8 hood...the one with the v nostrles on the front....on my 1g, i love those hoods, anyone seen this done or something similar, i need a hood...
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are you kidding.. have you seen what shape the evo hood is? and what shape yours is?? there are similar ones form the aftermarket. but no the evo hood will not just bolt on.
Huh? Evo 8 hood on a 1g... I don't think thats going to work. If you had a 92-94 I would suggest the Evo Carbon Fiber Hood they make for the 1g... I have one on my 92... looks great. But you have a 91 w/ flip up head lights so it won't work.
Ive seen a CF hood that has a similar style. Not sure who makes it, or what its called. It wouldnt hurt to do some searching before posting. :rolleyes:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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