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Start up with stating that I come from a fully built Evo 8 so not really a newbie, but ended up selling that and picking up a 1993 fwd eagle talon n/a to built for cheap and am staying on the "cheap" path. I have successfully transplanted all forged internals I had sitting around from my Evo 8, eagle crank and rods with JE pistons. And half way through building the head, still deciding on cams that won't break the bank, even tho I enjoyed my kelfords on the Evo. So here it starts I am playing around in my head my, running/ tunning system with a lot of info I've gathered. So plan, running a early 2000s eclipse ecu from manual 4cylinder add OBD2 connector, decide what Rom and flash a detuned Evo 8 map. Now, as i understand the talon uses a cam angle sensor as the crank signal and I truly can't remember if I removed a crank sensor when I took it apart as O can't find one laying around, but it did have the crank signal plate.. But am wondering if I should just install my leftover Evo 8 crank signal plate and a new 3g / Evo 8 crank sensor and pin it to the ecu for direct signal as 3g ecu uses anyhow or does the 1g cam angle one sends the same signal to the ecu. I know that harness adapters are made for 3g ecu-1g harness so am assuming somehow the cam angle sensor signal is the same as the 3g crank angle signal but is not clear to me. And I want to keep most of the harness intact for simplicity of wiring and signal read from the 3g ecu. Thanks in advance whoever cares to read.
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