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Evo3 16G + MAFT Blow-thru Setup?

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Is anybody running this in their auto DSM? The EVO3 turbo is great slower in spoolup when mated to the DSM auto tranny. The blow-thru setup should help (theoretically) alot but by how much. I dont want to get an evo 3 and find out it spools at 3800rpm and up. I want instantaneous boost like a T25/T28.

If anybody is running this, please leave some feedback.

DSMLink is also an option for me but I would like to see a MAFT A/T owner's 16G setup.

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If you want instant boost like a T25/T28, then get a T25/T28 :p .

With a manual, I get full boost before 3200rpms on my EvoIII with a stock 2g mas (unhacked). How much slower does an Auto spool? Why would the auto matter?

The only thing I can think of is it would be slower to put a load on the engine if I has to downshift, then wait to lock up.. But Ive also never messed with an automatic.

Anyways, Ive heard claims of 100-200rpms quicker spool with a maft, but that could be exagurated.

-Dallas J
I posted in your other thread too, I have blow-thru with 18g (almost same as 16g) and its perfectly liveable, no noticeable lag.
I can spool 25lbs#'s on the stock converter at a launch, and on the highway it spools almost too fast for me, like full boost before 3000 rpm. I have seen 20#'s at 2800 rpm lots, once it hits 10#'s it rockets to 20#'s. I would consider a 8cm housing on the evo3 in an automatic car for lots of topend. Great overall turbo that will run 11's all day long.
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