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Extreme newb question

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Well i just got done w/ the 6 bolt bottom end on the 95 TSi.. and i need something to do.. I have my MHI Evo3 turbo laying around, would it be dumb to slap it on w/ all stock fuel? and just set the psi at 10. Can it hurt anything?
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I've seen it done a few times befor, as someone who is close to maxing the stock fuel setup on my daily, im contradicting myself my saying minor upgrades would be a plus, but not nessasary to run that turbo around 13psi, Just watch everything with a logger and I dont think you'll have a problem with it. (anybody feel free to correct me if you like)
as long as you keep the boost down you should be ok, but to take advantage of the power you need support mods.
if your only at 14 psi at redline you wont hit fuel cut
basically your running a 14b that flows a little more...so you should be ok.
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