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f/s wiring harnass with injectors and ecu for a 90 turbo

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jus what the title says. name ur price
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came off a 90 laser turbo fwd, i also need some things, lookin to trade also,

lookin for 6 bolt shortblock with internals, in the upper delaware area, right side lense, the one under the flip up light, upper heat shield
was wondering if you still had that ecu and if u know if it's in good condition. if so, i'll give ya $70 for it. [email protected]
i have a 1990 turbo ecu non eprom and in working condition with no leaky caps PM me for offer, i know how much i want but you let me know, will trade for an eprom 1991-1994 ecu + some money, let me know
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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