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DSMtalk.com Featured Car Competition Rules

Read these carefully or your entry WILL be disqualified!

I - Entrant Eligibility
  • To enter the competition, you must have been a registered DSMtalk.com member for at least two months before your entry date, and have a post count of at least 50.
  • No winner may enter the competition for a 12 month period following the date they are announced as winner.
  • No finalist may enter the competition that immediately follows their selection as a finalist.
  • DSMtalk.com staff members may enter the competition; however, their participation is subject to the restrictions set forth in section III.
II - Composition of Entries
  • An entry is to be comprised of a single post in this Featured Car Competition forum.
  • Each posted entry is to be comprised of: one main photo, ownership details, a car description, and up to two additional photos. An entry missing any required items is disqualified. The two additional photos are optional.
  • Linking to any outside document (website, thread, photo album, etc.) for additional content is not allowed. The entry must be complete in and of itself, and may only contain content as specified in these rules.
  • The main photo (at the top of your entry) should be an overall exterior shot of your car. Pay particular attention to background, composition, and framing. Keep in mind that this main photo should be of sufficient quality to appear on the homepage of DSMtalk.com if your entry wins the competition.
  • Up to two additional photos may be included at the end of your entry (after all text). These photos may be of any element of the car that you wish to highlight, such as the engine bay or interior.
  • You will now be required to have 2 versions of your photo for the 2011 Ride Of The Month submission:
    • The standard submission photos must be in either jpg or gif format. Each photo should be as close to 640 pixels width and 480 pixels height as possible. Pictures must not exceed 640 width or 480 height.
    • We will also be making a DSMtalk calendar that will feature the rides of every month. The image must meet the following requirements: All images sent have to be a MINIMUM of 2500 pixels wide. The bigger the image is, the better and must have a minimum of 300dpi. This is not an option, if you do not submit this photo you will not be considered for Ride Of The Month. This is a perfect opportunity to get out and take some new photos of your ride!
  • To post a photo, the photo must be hosted on a reliable web server and you must know the URL (web address) for the photo. Directions for posting photos can be found here.
  • Photos must be of very good clarity. Your entry will be disqualified if your photos are too small, too large, of poor image quality, or poor composition, or is hosted on an unreliable server.
  • No image editing is allowed. This means no use of Photoshop, Paint Shop, or any other editing program. The only allowable exceptions to this rule are resizing of photos and removal of numbers from license plates.
  • Photos must not be watermarked.
Ownership Details
  • The ownership details must include your full name, city, and state. The entrant must be the actual current owner of the vehicle (they must hold title). We reserve the right to request ownership verification (registration, title, etc.) at any time during or after the competition.
Car Description
  • The car description must include the year, make, model, and trim level description (ex: 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX). It should contain 400 words or less (Microsoft word has a word counting tool; highlight your selection, go “tools”, then “Word Count”). The description may include modifications, time slip information, or any other information you may think is relevant. Do not get chatty… keep it to the point. Reading long-winded subject descriptions may irritate the moderators, and since they choose the finalists, brevity is advised.
  • All stated modifications must currently be installed and functioning. If time slip information (ET or Trap Speed) is mentioned, the entrant must already have their time posted at www.times.dsm.org or must have a scanned time slip available for immediate submission to the DSMtalk.com staff.
III – Selection of Finalists and Membership Vote
  • Five finalists are chosen by the DSMtalk.com staff from the entries submitted. In no uncertain terms: the choice of finalists by the DSMtalk.com staff is a subjective process. The choice is not open to negotiation. The staff discusses the entries, systematically votes amongst themselves, and then correlates the totals in order to determine the five finalists. In this context, there is no such thing as “unfair”. As a general rule, the DSMtalk.com staff tends to show a preference for clean, powerful, streetable cars. Also as a general rule, the staff tends to dislike modifications that may be considered “rice” such as excessive use of graphics, neon, extremely large wings, brightly colored interior trim, mention of the term “Type R”, etc. Now, imagine yourself not getting picked as a finalist. If that gives you the urge to whine, do not enter. The reason is, as previously stated: the choice of finalists by the moderators is a subjective process.
  • The entries of the five finalists are then opened to voting by registered DSMtalk.com members (restrictions may apply for voting, such as minimum post counts, or registration date limits). Voting will end near the end of the calendar month, or whenever announced by DSMtalk.com.
  • Staff Participation. A staff member who has entered the competition is not allowed to participate in discussion pertaining to the selection of finalists for that competition, nor are they allowed to vote in the staff poll where finalists are selected. No more than one staff member can be selected as a finalist in any given competition.
IV - General Rules
  • Winner of each Ride Of The Month competition will be awarded a slot for that month in the calendar, a pair of DSMTalk Ride Of The Month stickers, and the chance at becoming DSMTalk Ride Of The Year. We will be holding a contest from the entries at the end of the year and the winner's photo will be used on the site banner for 2012.
  • By submitting an entry to DSMtalk.com, you are giving your permission for DSMtalk.com to use any and/or all contents of your entry for promotion or any other use.
  • Any attempt to submit incorrect, dishonest, or inaccurate data will result in disqualification from the competition and banning of the entrant's DSMtalk.com account.
  • Vote solicitation and voter fraud. Soliciting votes for a particular entrant in any manner (including forum posts, signatures, or any other means) is not allowed. If the DSMtalk.com staff perceives any voter fraud or vote solicitation that tips the scales in favor of a particular entrant, disciplinary action may be taken against that entrant and any known accomplices.
  • DSMtalk.com reserves the right to modify or amend these rules at any time, as well as the right to cancel the competition at any time without warning.

At this time, keep the high resolution photos on standby, we will let you know how to submit these ASAP

(rev. 03/01/11)
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