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Few questions???

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Ok well I bought a 1992 Eagle Talon TSI fwd about a week ago. It's ALL STOCK. I love the car, the body and interior are both very clean! I paid $1000 for it, which I didn't think was bad at all. Car run's, start up everytime, no missfiring, idles good, no knocks, overall the motor is in good running condition for having 130k miles. So far I have done nothing to the car but little stuff. I have a K&N only aftermarket part on the car so far. Well i have about $3000 to $4000 to spend on my car (including tran's swap). I was wondering if it would be smart to replace all the belts, and new gasket's. I heard though since my motor run's fine now I should wait till a problem occurs, because once I start tearing into my motor I will encounter more problems? In the end im looking for low 13second car maybe high 12's. Nothing extremly fast just a good daily driver but with a good amount of power. I was planning on getting these parts.. Small16g turbo, 2 1/2 turbo back exhaust, 500injectors, 190 fuel pump, MBC, boost gauge (maybe egt gauge is that nessary do you think??), NGK wires and plugs, new intercooler pipes upper and lower, new intake pipe (maybe), etc..

But I need to know a few majors things first.. Since my car is automatic I read that the injectors are smaller for the smaller 13g turbo and also the cam's are different for lower tourqe?????? I will be swapping it over to manual in late winter early spring. So it's going to be manual. Also will I need a kit to put the 16g in? And does a new 16g come with all new gaskets and seals??

Thanks alot! If anything seems like it makes no sense in what i just wrote sorry. It's late and I am tired..
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