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95 talon with eclipse front and rear 420 5 speed. Been sitting on side of house for 6-7 months. Last time it ran I was headed to one of my favorite watering holes, on a twisty but fairly smooth road then the rough spots were coming up went around a right turn with small chunks out of asphalt the car completely died for a nano second then back to normal though to myself better turn around , didn’t like what happened, kept going on good road ran perfect few miles up the road another rough spot same thing but kept going finally going through a little village started on a red brick road hit another spot then the car died . Tow truck home haven’t got into it much did find the 30 amp square fuse or breaker was blown changed it blew another, cranks but no spark or fuel , changed the fuel pump since it’s easy don’t want to fire the parts cannon at it did take ecm apart looks good smells good. Sounds like a ground wire . Any ideas would help,oh it’s obdll and have no codes
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