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Floating suspension

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Hello, I am planning on buying a 99 Gst FWD this week and I had a question about the suspension, I am a newbie when it comes to suspension. This car seems to float kind of like a Cadillac when hitting a bump but it’s just the rear suspension that floats the front stays steady. And when hitting a bump taking a turn it feels like the rear end is going to get away from me. The car is stock and has 650000 miles, would I be correct saying that it is the shocks that are worn out and not able to handle/control the spring rates anymore, or could it be the rear trailing arm bushings are worn out or seized? I would greatly appreciate the help before I buy the car thanks again.
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Usually a floaty feeling is from bad shocks.

650,000 miles :eek:

-Dallas J
LOL, 65000 miles. sorry typo. thanks
Yeah, just change the shocks and you'll be fine.
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