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* New Shep Trans Spec 2nd Gear
* New 1-2 Hub/Sleeve kit with Double Synchro Rings
* New 5th Gear Synchro Rings
* New 1-2-3-4- 5-R Synchro Springs
* New Input, Output, and both Drive Shaft Seals
* New Input Shaft Bearings
* New Intermediate Gear Bearings
* New Roll Pins
* New End Nuts
* New Center Diff Side Shims
* New Nylon Shifter Pad
* Shims for setting preload
* New 1st Gear and Input Shaft
* New double Synchro 3rd and 4th gear
* Double 3-4 Synchros
* New Intermediate Shaft
* Heavy Duty Shift Rails
* Welded Differential and Locking Sleeve
* Upgraded Rare Earth Magnet
* Bead Blasted Case
* Sheptrans Chromoly steel shift forks

$2395.00 price of rebuild

Clutch - ACT 2600 and 6 puck sprung hub disk Clutch has 1400 miles on it

Flywheel - Fidanza with 5k on it, but 1400 on friction disk

Transmission has roughly 5k daily driven miles, been to the track 1 time and put 2 passes on the thing.

I dont even know what to ask for these things...so just throw some numbers at me. I want to go to a multi-disk clutch and a dogbox so I need to off this and my clutch first.

Parts are still on the car, and will be taken off according to offers. I want the new setup before the shootout so lets go people.

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PM sent, very interested if you still have the transmission.

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Would this tranny work with a 95 gsx? And you said your looking into getting multi disk clutch, i have a twin disk clutchmasters clutch if interested PM ME thanks
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