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For you motor Guys

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Alright, Something got in between my head and cam journal and managed to seize it. Not bad, barely enough that me and my buddies can't believe it seized, and a machine shop said I could probably still use the head. Anyways, I don't know what I should do about the bottom end? I pulled the oil pan off to find some small shavings and glittery metal in the oil from the head, they are aluminum I can tell. This motor was just rebuilt like 300 miles ago. New bearings mains and rods, and new rings. What do you guys opt I do? Pull the whole motor, or just some main and maybe a rod bearing to see how they look?
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pull a rod bearing...things look ok stitch it back up together. As long as it was a small small amount. Otherwise always err on the safe side and pull the motor.
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