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i am thinking about buying a FPred. Should i go with an external or internal wastegate. if external where should i put it and how big should i go. Dunno how many psi i will run. I only have a set of 650cc's, walbro 255, and a areomotive fpr. Just curious? Do i need nething else besides pc to tune on. I was thinking dsmlink but it looks like i don't have an eprom ecu :(
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This is a big turbo, make sure you have the supporting mods first-fmic, dsmlink or some other form of tuning device, etc etc . Now that thats been said, go with an external wg at least 38mm. As far as mounting goes cant go wrong either way w/ manifold or o2 housing.
Definatly go with an external. You wouldnt want to creep with those itsy bitsy 660s :p .

-Dallas J
thanx for the info guys. and yes i have a dejontool fmic. and yes the 660's will be a little small for the turbo
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