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FS: 200+ WHP 97 Maxima SE 5SPD loaded

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I have a 97 5SPD SE Deep Evergreen loaded. Has dual heated power leather seats, Bose speakers with DVD/MP3/VCD/CD deck and Microvision 7" screen mounted in dash, Moon roof, power everything basically all the options you can get. As for mods it will come with WS y pipe, Frankencar intake w/ Apexi filter, Technosquare ECU, Greddy SP muffler, 5th gen clutch, SS clutch line, SRE short shifter, rewired corner lights, clears, AE headlights, Maxspeed springs on Tokico struts and some small cosmetic mods.

The car has 150K on it but doesnt show it at all. Sense ive had it ive chaged the oil every 3K with mobil 1 10-30 and drained and filled the tranny twice with Redline MT90. Sense i did the SS clutch line it also has synthetic fluid in there aswell to make it feel great. I just installed the 5th gen clutch kit myself about 350 miles ago along with new starter, acc belts and water pump all less than 500 miles old. The tranny makes absolutly NO wierd or bad noises and has no grinds into any gears. All O2 sensors have been replaced with Bosch OEM units along with knock sensor. There is not a spot of rust on the exhaust as its all new yet. Theres not one sensor that i havent replaced on this thing or anything else that would need maint.

Some of you guys know that ive had 3 maximas and all 3 have had over 150K and also know i take very good care of my cars maint to keep them running strong. My last 95 AUTO i just sold as it had 190K on it and still not showing any signs of quitting! Ive done everything on this car myself and know everything about it so dont be worried that some shotty mechanic did some work on it that i wouldnt know about. I also have every single reciept to show everything that has been done to it. The front two tires are BRAND NEW TOYO TRZ and the rears are 50% left. They grip great in the snow and wet weather along with dry of course.

Overall the car drives very strong and shows no signs of limping. I would guess this would be a worry free car for a long time as ive replaced just about everything there is ;). I live in Appleton so Central WI but also drive down to my fiance's parents which is in union grove, so if anyone is firmiliar with great lakes dragway its right accross the corn field from that and i can also meet any IL guys there ;). Again if anyone wants any more info or specifics on the car please drop me a PM or email to [email protected] otherwise i have all my messengers on here if you go that route. Anyway i feel that $5500 FIRM is a fair price to pay for this car considering everything that ive put into it. Thanks -Ryan

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Im also looking to pick up a tsi awd or gsx ect no Front drives. The title for the car is clean and clear no need to worry. If intrested in some sort of trade please let me know. -Ryan
That's a very nice Maxima. If I had the extra cash, I'd pick it up. Nice job with it.
thanks man, i only wish more thought the same
Well, it's a tough crowd. Most of the guys are DSM enthusiasts and love forced induction. I have always liked the Maxima's, very nice smooth ride, with decent power. I love the job you did with the monitor. It looks like it is stock, even though it wasn't an option in that year. If you'd be willing to take a pos 91 tsi that looks as bad as it runs, I'd be happy to take it off your hands :)
lol yea, well ive had it advertised on two maxima sites, craiglist, and im going to autotrader soon but im not having any luck and i dont understand why. a 5spd Maxima in the upper midwest is a rarety let alone modded ect to the extent of mine. Its an awsome car but im just drowning in bills :(
You may want to list it on eBay also. There is a mandatory $50 insertion fee, whether it sells or not, but it may get more exposure there.
if i was closer i'd trade w/ you
good looking car
I may come and take a look at it when I'm in town for the holidays. My fiancee could use a new car and I've always loved the Maxima.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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