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Looking to sell the few remaining parts I have from my DSM days... been awhile since I've been in the scene and better to give them to good use! Prices are all open to offers - just help me get rid of it! Shoot me a PM if interested.

-$399 V2.5 2g DSMLink (no cable, but disc and chipped EPROM still in great shape - even have the original manual!)

-$75 2g Samco silicone coolant hoses (feed and return, low miles)

-$50 2g MAS and K&N Cone Filter

-$25 TiAL 38mm dump tube

-$35 No-brand (JMFab maybe?) stainless coolant overflow tank

-$35 No-brand (JMFab maybe) oil catch can

-$20 12" slim fan

-$30 2g Dark Grey Gauge Pod Pillar (Fits 3 gauges)

-$40 1g manifold drilled for BOV

-$20 1g Steel Intake pipe

-$30 3in GM MAF

I'll post more parts as I find them. If you need sensors let me know too, or little odds and ends like bolts, pulleys, etc. Chances are I have them sitting around.

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