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Price Drop!!! New Info!

I dropped the price to $8500 FIRM, because I feel like I'm giving someone the opportunity to have an amazing machine!

The build quality is solid, and most of the work was done at AMS in Chicago, a DSM Wiseman, and the original owner Chris. Must give credit due where credit is deserved.​

I have owned the car since October 2010. I have put around 4000 miles on the car since owning it, mostly highway. I left Active Duty to pursue my education in Economics. I am still a Staff Sergeant in the National Guard, but my income just isn't what it used to be.

Even though this car is one of the most reliable DSM's I've ever owned, as with any high-power car it costs money to maintain.

Since owning the car I've replaced or added(all with receipts):
  • OEM Water Pump
  • OEM Timing Belt
  • Belt Tensioner
  • OEM Serpentine Belt
  • Left and Right Rear Axles
  • Surface Ground Manifold (Reseal After Minor Warping)
  • MAP Oil Return Line
  • O'Reilly Rebuilt Alternator
  • O'Reilly Rebuilt Starter
  • Reinforced Welds on Transmission Mounts
  • OEM Passenger Side Door Handle (Snapped in the Cold)
  • New OEM Throttle Position Sensor
  • Seafoamed after TB Cleaning then:
    [*]Oil Changed with Royal Purple 10W40 and K&N Oil Filter
    [*]New BPR7ES Plugs (Gapped to .028")
    [*]AWD Fluid Change using Redline Fluids
    [*]Full 100-Point Inspection to include Engine Compression Test (165 across the board w/ FP2 Cams)​

Virtually all modifications have receipts. I will give the buyer a full binder full of receipts.

1995 Eagle Talon Tsi AWD
Black Exterior/Gray Interior
Approximately 104,800 Miles on Chassis
No Sunroof
Clean Title


Very Clean. Slight road-rash on Front Bumper. Some Under-body Rust, thanks Mid West.
2gb Talon Conversion (Including Spoiler)
Genuine VIS Invader Type 6 Carbon Fiber Hood
Hyper-White Headlight Bulbs


Mostly Stock. Normal wear, and middle of rear seats has slight tear.
Kenwood CD/MP3 Player
Stock Infinity Speakers (Still sound great!)
Genuine Carbon Fiber Center Console
Genuine Carbon Fiber Radio Bezel
White Face/Indiglo Gauge Cluster (Adjustable)
A-Pillar Dual Gauge Pod


Very Powerful System, tuned by AMS Chicago. Occasionally needs slight re-tune.
AEM Engine Management System #30-1310 (Full Standalone System, NO ECU)
AEM Serial Data-Stream Gauge (19-Channels, like having 19 Gauges!)
AEM 5-Bar MAP Sensor
AEM UEGO Wideband O2 Sensor
Stewart Warner White-Face Analog Boost Gauge (30-0-40)


6-Bolt 2.0L 4G63
Wiseco Forged Pistons/Rings
  • 85.5mm
  • Bored over .020
  • 8.3:1 Compression
Crower Billet Rods (Not Brian Crower)
Crower Titanium Retainers (Not Brian Crower)
Crower Valve Springs (Not Brian Crower)
Ferrea Comp Plus Valves (8 @ 30.5mm)(8 @ 34mm)
Micropolished Crank
FP2 Intake/Exhaust Cams (Similar to 272s, with more top end power!)
Fidanza Adjustable Cam Gears
Cometic 4-Layer MLS Head Gasket (Head/Block Resurfaced, NO Copper Spray)
ARP Head Studs
ARP Main Studs
Prothane Motor Mounts (Red)
New OEM Water Pump
New OEM Oil Pump
Rebuilt Alternator/Starter

Mishimoto Silicone Radiator Hose Kit (Red)
Carbon Fiber Valve Cover Plate
Mishimoto Carbon Fiber Radiator Cap (Resists 19PSI)
Silicone Vac Lines (Red)
EVO Oil Cap
Battery Relocated to Trunk
Vac Line Delete (Won't pass Emissions Testing)


Magnus “Street” SMIM
Dejon Powerhouse I/C Piping (Silicone Couplers, T-Clamps)
DNP Stainless Steel Tubular Manifold
FP3065 Dual-Ball Bearing Turbo (V-Band, Cast in Stainless)
FP 2.5" Stainless Steel O2 Housing (V-Band)
FP Stainless Steel Dump Tube to ATM (V-Band)
TIAL 44mm V44 HP Wastegate (V-Band, 18psi Spring)
Stainless Steel Braided Oil Line -4AN (From Head to Turbo)
MAP Oil Return Line (PushLock)
Setrab Oil Cooler (-8AN Stainless Steel Braided Lines)
FueLab Adjustable FPR
FIC 1150cc Fuel Injectors
Dual Hanger Fuel Pump System (Twin Walbro 255s)
Stainless Steel Braided Fuel Lines From Tank to Rail (-8AN)
FueLab 3" Fuel Filter (75 Micron Stainless Steel Filter)
AMS 3” Cat-Back Performance Exhaust (Built for Car Specifically)
STM 4" Hard Pipe Intake with K&N Cone Filter
TurboXS High Performance Boost Controller
MSD 8.5mm Super Conductor Wires
MAP 7cm Stainless Steel Turbo Gasket
Mitsubishi EVO 4-Layer Manifold Gasket
170-Degree Thermostat
Altima Red-Top Battery (Lifetime Warranty)
A/C Delete (Only removed Condenser)
ABS Disabled

John Sheppard Stage 3
4-Spider Center Differential
Torrington Bearing Upgrade
Heavy Duty 3-4 Kit
  • Heavy Duty 3rd Gear
  • Heavy Duty 4th Gear
  • Heavy Duty 3-4 Hub and Sleeve
Quartermaster 7.25" V-Drive Twin Disc Kit
  • Less than 500 miles, ALL NEW components!

KYB AGX Adjustable Shocks/Struts
Eibach Sportline Spring (2" Drop)
Aluminum Rear Sub-frame Bushings


18" Motegi ROJA DPK Wheels (4" Lip)
Yokohama ES100 225/40/18 ZR Rated Tires (75% Tread)
OEM "Big" Brakes with RedStuff Brake Pads


NOTE: None of this Equipment is Installed. These FREE items have no impact on the car's price, so electing not to take them doesn't drop the price...

ACER 8.1" Netbook

  • 2-Batteries (One lasts 12+ Hours)
  • Microsoft Windows 7 & Office Suite 2010
  • All Current AEM EMS Tuning/Logging Software
  • Preloaded with the Street/Racing Tune for the DSM
  • AEM User Manual (very useful!)
  • Serial to USB Cable (Plug-in and Tune!)

Audio Equipment
All Items Work Flawlessly, I used to have them in my old DSM, but never got around to installing them in this one. I honestly have no need for them anymore, but great sounding system with minimal power drain!
  • Jensen 7” Flip-Up DVD/CD/MP3 Player
    • Touchscreen
    • IPOD Adapter (Allows you to Control the IPOD)
    • You CAN watch DVDs while driving (disabled the option)
    • Remote included
  • Kicker Box with VCVR12 Sub-woofer
  • Kicker ZX400.1 Class D Amp

Misc. DSM Parts
All Parts are new or in like-new condition!
  • CX Racing Aluminum Radiator with Fan Shroud (Includes 2 12" Slim Fans)
  • AEM High-Volume Fuel Rail (Black)
  • Royalty Rotors Cross Drilled/Slotted Rotors (Full Set, Front and Rear)
  • Prosport Performance Fuel Pressure Gauge w/ Sender (Electrical 1-110PSI)
  • SPARCO Hood Pins
  • AEM Fuel Injector Clips with Pigtails (Set of 4)
  • STM EGR Block-Off Plate
  • STM FIAV By-Pass Plate
  • Forced Performance -4AN Oil Filter
  • Forced Performance Turbine Housing Clamp Set

QM Race Clutch Hydraulic Fluid (1 Bottle)
Redline MT-90 (1 Bottle)
Redline 75W90 (2 Bottles)
Redline MTL (1 Bottle)
Tons of DSM Bolts/ETC

As with All DSMs there are a few issues...

  1. AEM Engine Management System is an amazing, but that being said there are a couple disadvantages. Here are a couple I have experienced:
    • The first issue is with AEM EMS the cranking time is increased. The cranking time is only bad when the car is really cold (less than 32 degrees). The car will eventually fire up but it takes a toll on the starter. My solution was to keep it in the garage overnight in the winter, which worked great. The car starts up just fine outside in the snow, it only seems to be after sitting overnight. I would recommend purchasing a TriggerDisc, which was designed specifically to fix that problem. Although I've been told that the cranking issue can be solved through tuning, but I haven't had the time to take it to AMS or Import Lab.
    • The next issue is common with AEM EMS owners. Occasionally the car will die immediately after start-up (when hot). The car will start right back up, and if you give it some gas and drive away the car acts like nothing happened. It occurs because AEM EMS thinks the Throttle Position Sensor is negative (-),thanks to electrical interference. I have pretty much fixed this issue through fine tuning the Throttle Position Sensor through AEM.
  • One of the reasons for the price drop was that I just don't have the time to replace the headliner. I pulled the old one out, and have the spray and black headliner material from Jo-Ann fabric. If you convince me I may replace it.
  • Left Door Handle Sticks, even after OEM Door Handle. I'm sure this is as easy as pulling the doors apart and messing with the cables. I again just don't have the time to fix it.
  • No Power Door Locks. I pulled the fuse for the door locks because of the infamous power drain. I had this issue in my last DSM. There are two solutions; either trace the wiring and figure out where the wire is grounding itself down on, or replace the actuators with aftermarket ones. The manual locks work fine though.
  • The cable from under the dash to the hood doesn't pop the hood anymore. The hood has to be unlatched from the Front of the Car, which I'll show you. I am including SPARCO Hood Pins which need to be installed due to the Carbon Fiber hooding "floating" at high speed. Which is common for CF Hoods to fly up and damage cars.
  • The Dual Fuel Pumps cause the gas gauge to read inaccurately. The extra pump displaces the fuel, which makes the gauge seem like there is more fuel. However, once the car is around 1/4 tank the Gas Light comes on. When the Gas Light comes on there is just over 2 gallons remaining in the tank. I've tested it a couple times.

Car operates on 2 different AEM EMS Tuning Maps. A "Street" Tune using 93-Octane, and a "Race" Tune utilizing "Rockett Fuel," which is 100-Octane. The 100-Octane tune was built by AMS after hours of Dyno time. Starting from 18psi and working up to 29.5psi, the car was able to put down 505.15AWHP and 368.73AWTQ @ 8250 RPM. Those numbers were produced despite hotter Intake Temperatures due to the length of time on the dyno. AMS wouldn't allow the boost pressure to go any higher for fear of detonation on 100-Octane. With larger injectors and E85 this car could be a daily driver pushing 40+PSI and considerably more horsepower to the wheels!!!

I have receipts for virtually everything that has ever been done to this car, totaling in excess of $30K. I just want her to go to someone who will take care of her and bring out her full potential.

I have only ran it on its "Race" (100Octane) Tune ONE time since owning the car. The amount of power is insane. Somewhere between the G-Force, the 9000RPM Shift Points, and the Rocket Like acceleration that make you realize this is one HELL of a machine!!!


Due to the Twin Disc Clutch I will not allow anyone to drive the car unless they either have cash in hand, or can prove to me that they are wanting and willing to buy it. (NO Free Rides, only serious buyers who know what they are doing.)

If you have any questions feel free to PM or call me at (765) 215-4934. My name is Zach.


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