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FS: Clearance on 12" subwoofers

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I'm clearing out all my excess Pioneer speakers. I have about thirty 12" subs left along with other associated subs, mids, and tweeters. These are all brand new, never used, and not reconditioned. They handle 250 watts continuous (not the unreal peak/max power crap). To a DSM owner or a Corvette owner, ;) I'll sell a 12" sub for ONLY $40 each. I personally use one in my SUV in a one cubic foot sealed enclosure and it does quite well. Shipping will be $15 which includes handling and insurance. I have sold about 40 subs on eBay all with positive feedback. I'm currently at 100% with 212 transactions :) My eBay name is "youbastar"
I'll cut shipping costs on multiple orders. For example, if you purchased 3 subs I'll ship them to your doorstep for only $155. Trust me, this is a great opportunity. I sold them for $70 each on eBay but you guys (and the guys on Corrvette.forum) have been so helpful I want to give a little back. I'm offering them to you guys before I list them on eBay. Sorry, I cannot go below $40 each or I'll be taking a loss :(
I know what some of you are thinking, a JL 12W7 (or equilivent) will be better than one of these 12" subs. But, the lowest you will get a 12W7 (legally and warranted, list is $750) is about $450. I'll sell and ship ten of these 12" subs for that same price. It does not take a genius to figure out which set-up will kick the other's ass.
I accept Pay Pal (preferred), money orders, and personal check (will delay shipping til check clears) Feel free to ask any and all questions :)
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Crap, I made a mistake :eek: . I'm all out of the 250 watt models. I have the 100 watt models left. Because of that mistake, I'll drop another $5 off each sub. :)
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