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FS: FP 16G and a Walbro 255

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I have a FP 16G thta has been ported and clipped by FP. Turbo has roughly 9K miles on it and has been TT'd since day one. $450 +shipping.

also have a walbro 255 that i will take $50 shipped for.
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What all comes with the pump? If you don't mind I can send you a money order for it overnight on wed. if that works for you, consider the pump sold.
the pump, a used filter if you want that and the connector. pump has roughly 9K just like the turbo, i upgraded to the hp pump when i upgraded my turbo.
everything can be seen in the pic.
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I'm interested in the pump if it falls through...
can i maybe see a picture of the 16g, please? How much is shipping?
these are pics right after it was taken off the car.




i wouldn't expect shipping to be more than $15-$20
I also have an Autometer Ultra Lite 5" tach w/ shift light if anyone's interested...

looks like this but is the Ultra-Lite series..

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I'll buy the fuel pump. I can even pick it up and bring cash.
did u sell the turbo yet? also how much for the tack?
still have the turbo and the tach.
The TD05H 16G is rated at 350hp, with a flow rate of 505cfm. The 16G comes internally gated, and is equipped with a 7cm2 turbine housing. The optional turbine housing porting and turbine wheel clipping will allow the 16G to flow more air, and will increase top end power output. The 34mm wastegate upgrade allows the turbo to control boost much more effectively, and eliminates problems such as boost creep.
and my turbo was ported and clipped when bought.
$450 shipped.
pump sold.
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