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FS: HKS Cams, 680cc, Green, tial WG + o2 housing w/dump + MORE

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HKS 264/264 cams:
like new shape, there is about 4k on these.
400 shipped if you are ready for some great torque and top end, but still good streetability.

SBR m50 (SBR's equivalent of an FP green):
payed over 1,099 for it new. Its in good shape, about 4k on this as well, have receipts, etc. Its the same thing as a FP except for the turbine wheel, it has a TDO6 turbine wheel rather than a TDO6H.
Polished compressor housing, ported turbine housing along w/the o2 passage hogged out for an external gate. Always turbo timed, builds boost quick and pulls hard all the way to redline.
725 shipped.

New Tial 38mm wastegate:
comes w/all hardware.
$175 shipped

2.5" SS o2 housing:
setup for all 35/38mm external wg's. Also included is a dump tube which routes the exhaust gas away from your alternator and intercooler piping--very nice route. All 1/2" flanges. All of the dump joints were tig welded by JM Fabrications. You won't find any better, not to mention you don't have to screw around with chopping pipe up till you get the dump routing correct.
190 shipped.

680cc PTE injectors:
(same as FIC's 660's) complete with new top o rings. Flow matched.
225 shipped.

Blue Screen SAFC:
great shape, comes with stand.
175 shipped.

1g Keydiver chip:
Compensation for the above injectors
studder box, all that happy fun stuff.
65 shipped.

1g head: rebuilt about 10k ago, had a valve job done and new valve stem seals. No warpage, nice and clean. 200 shipped.

Dejon tool FMIC intercooler piping:
correctly sanded and sprayed with gunmetal paint. This is perfect for you guys that want to go w/a race core but don't want to pay an extra 500$ for some stupid piping. Flanged for a Tial BOV, I have a 1g flange that I can include as well for no additional cost.
comes with your choice of TB elbow: 1 for SMIM that sit a little lower OR 1 for the stock 1g manifold placement.
200 shipped

I have alot of references all over the place including: ebay, here, dsmtuners, honda-acura.net, phillydsm, nepadsm, etc.
I accept paypal, cashiers checks, and money orders. All products are packaged correctly and shipped out the day of or after payment is received. For all paypal payments please add 3% because thats what paypal takes straight off the top.

Pictures upon request.

Thanks for looking
[email protected] 570-698-0487
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Pics of IC pipes to [email protected]

Thank you

Ivan, thanks for you intrest, I'll have pics out to you this afternoon.

Also I got a few PM's regarding the stage 3 keydiver chip features, here they are:
Adjust Rev Limit, Eliminate Fuelcut, Octane Value Reset, and Factory Boost gauge conversion. Also, the Check Engine light will come on at 7000 rpm as a Shift Light!
All Stage 1 Mods PLUS a 2-step or 3-step stutterbox (Launch / Shift RPM) and A/C Cutout
Stage 1 & 2 Mods PLUS Special compensation for Fuel Injector Size, Deadtime Compensation, MAS changes / Compensation, Idle speed changes, and Enhanced Closed-loop operation
New Tial 38mm wastegate:
comes w/all hardware.
$175 shipped
[email protected]
Chad Simes said:
New Tial 38mm wastegate:
comes w/all hardware.
$175 shipped
[email protected]
Sorry, its not new, not many miles at all though. I'm an idiot and was typing that late at night. I will still send you some pictures though if you are still interested.
sent you an email about the keydiver chip.
email me pics of the head. Good pics [email protected]
Here are some pictures of the parts (bigjdog and I are brothers fyi):

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do you still have the hks cams? If so will you send me pix at [email protected]
Yes we still have the cams, the pictures are above but I will email you them as well.
Keydiver chip SOLD
1g head SOLD
how many miles are on the injectors? months? pm me thanks!
Yes, tial is still available, I actually have the dump tube for it as well.
xleonx said:
how many miles are on the injectors? months? pm me thanks!
The injectors have about 4k on them as well and are in good condition.
Interested in any trades? I have a 2 piston brake setup that I have been sitting on FOREVER! If you are interested in trading for the Tial or maybe the O2 housing, let me know.
The only trades i'm looking for is money :). Hehe, sorry though I don't need those. If you need any info or more pictures on those 2 itesm let me know.
Try sending the pm again, don't think I got it.
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