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FS: Mitsubishi Shirts

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I was cleaning out my closet the other night and found these shirts I had made up. Some of you old timers might remember these when I first had them made back in the day.

I don't plan on making anymore, but I figured these could find a better home that my closet. They cost me $8 bux a piece to make, I'll have them shipped priorty mail for $10 bux. That's $6.50 for the shirt, and $3.50 shipping.

I have 3 XL and 2 L left. If anyone is interested send me a PM and I'll get you either my address for cashiers checks or an email addy for paypal.

The shirt says "For those of you driving domestic cars, I only have one word for you..." on the front, and then has "Sayonara" with Mitsu emblem on the back.

Click for closer view of the text.
Just a note, it says 'cars' not 'car', the shirt was wrinkled when I took the picture.

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Still available if anyone is interested.
I wan't one XL
Sold 2XL and 1 Large, leaves me 2 more shirts. One large and one XL. PM if you are interested.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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