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FS: Rebuilt 1G turbo head

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I have a 1G 2.0 turbo cylender head for sale. Heads complete with cams and cam gears.

Head was was rebuilt with new seals and a valve job about a year ago.

Head was recently pulled during the install of a new ported head and new cams.

Head has been cleaned and resurfaced by local machine shop.

I'm asking $300 dollars.

This price includes free UPS, FEDEX or DHL shipping. I've mailed a few heads and they generally cost me around $20 dollars for packaging and another $40~50 to ship.
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Are they manual or automatic cams and what year are they?? I would love to get my hands on a good condition head with manual cams providing they are 91-94 cams.
I have about 10 set's of labeled cams. I can put whatever you want in it.

It currently has manual turbo cams in it though. They came out of a 91 awd talon.

Hell I got some HKS cams too ;)

Seriously though, if you can afford some cams to install with it, you should get some. I just put some FPCam2's in this new head of mine and they rock. Top end is much more pronounced now.
Can you PM me a phone number to get in touch with you about the head?
if you still have the head i will buy it!
give me call or email me back

[email protected]
240 498 5394
Head is still for sale.

$200 dollars take it.
i will give you 150 for itand does it come with cams
Fat_Kid_Fury_71 said:
i will give you 150 for itand does it come with cams
you've gotta be fuckin with me. did you even read the fuckin thread? he said "It currently has manual turbo cams in it though. They came out of a 91 awd talon"
would the price be different without the cams and cam gears?
Well the price was kinda sorta low I think the point was.

I've sold a few heads that were not rebuilt for roughly $300 dollars a pop yet I can't seem to get $300 out of one thats rebuilt. Go figure =)

I think everyone still broke with the holidays and such.
if you lived closer id buy it, but i bet shipping to 06340 would be NUTS
Do you have receipts on who did the head and what all was done? If so I will possibly buy it, your not too far of a drive for me.
Hondasi88 said:
..are u still selling it for 200?


I share your pain :p kdogg!
diambo4life said:

I share your pain :p kdogg!
O the pain :)

Speaking of pain, you ever get those VITON seals?

Also... Head sold pending payment. Thanks for everyone's interest.
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