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FS: Slowboy G-50 (50 trim)

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I have a Slowboy G-50, ported on the inlet side for sale. It has less than 2000 miles on it. I had it on my car for a bit then I decided to build an engine and go with a bigger setup. I had NO problems with it at all. It will come with the oil return line and fittings, stainless steel oil feed line from the oil filer housing, and the fitting for that. PLUS I will throw in a ported 2g exhaust manifold. I ported the runners and the inlet of the manifold to 7cm. It will come as a package for $500... It is also internally gated so its pretty much ready to bolt up and go.. I paid $883 for it and then another $150 for the lines... This is a great deal, buyer will pay the shipping.

Thanks, Brady :cool:
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interested, let me see if i can pull some funds together
im interested, I'll pm you tomorrow if i have the funds *gets in line* :p
Turbo is SOLD thanks guys
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