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Here is all that I have that I am trying to get rid of. All is Best Offer so send me a PM of what you need and an offer on it. Pictures will be added shortly.

timing belt pullys (500 miles)
GM maf translator couplers 2.5 to 3.25 inch
scm6152 center section (parts or rebuild)
intrepid coil with pig tail
3ft 10 AN SS line
10ft 10 AN ss line
6ft 6 an SS line
manual tranny clutch fork boot
5ft gm maf extension wire
tinted narrow band air fuel gauge
tinted boost vacuum gauge 30psi
Coil on plug COP setup
act 2600 lb pressure plate 2000 miles
fuel rail plastic spacers
10 AN to ??? fitting adapter
6 AN hose end fitting
4 AN straight hose fitting
6 AN fuel rail adapter
10 AN turbo oil return fitting
4 AN 180 degree hose end
6 AN 45 degree end
10 AN to 6 AN adapter
stainless braided turbo oil feed line with fittings from head 1/8 NPT
fuel line from filter to rail
2.5" TB elbo aftermarket
3 ss AN line with one end 20" long
2.25" couplers 3.25, 7.5, 3.5, 4.5 long
2.5" couplers 2.75 long
2" coupler 2.25 long
2.125" coupler 2.5 long
All valve cover bolts
plug wire covers (Mitsubishi and stripe)
turbo coolant hard lines
b&m fuel pressure gauge (comes with adapter to mount on fuel filter)
manual boost control
harmonic balancer
stock oil fill cap
custom short mitsubishi coolant reservoir with sensor (good for short rout intercooler piping)
harmonic balancer
2" 90 degree pipe Stainless
oil return line t3 t4
rear balance shaft sprocket
balance shaft tensioner pulley
deltagate mark 2 wastegate (needs seal)
38 mm tial style wastegate 2 bolt flange
44 mm tial style wastegate 4 bolt flange
91.5 up center differential stock
timing belt (100 miles)

1g light grey leather seats front back and matching door inserts
1g 6 bolt starter plate
1g 90 to 91 center differential stock
1g 90 to 91 center differential 4 spyder
1g transistor box 91 up
1g CAS greentop
1g front AUTO AWD axles
1g stock wheels
1g brand new rebuilt throttle body
1g throttle position sensors TPS
1g radiator hoses
1g front seal cover
1ga pass headlight seal
1g thermostat housing
1g upper timing belt cover
1g dip stick and tube
1g fuel rail with regulator
1g upper coolant pipe
1g injector resistor box
1g 91 and up shifter assembly
1ga driver side running light
1ga driver front running light
1g exhaust manifold heat shield
1g bov recirculation tube
1g front rotors brand new
1g throttle position sensor TPS
1g 90 CAS
1g balance shaft sprocket, spacer, and pulley
1g lower timing sprocket
1g front and rear upper metal timing belt covers
1g power steering pump
1g passenger motor mount
1g 90 throttle body with sensors
1g driver side running light
1g gauge cluster 112K
1ga brand new headlight bulbs
1g passenger dark grey visor
1g driver power mirror black
1ga silver pop up headlight assembly
1g talon behind driver door molding silver
1ga passenger headlight motor
1g radio trim
1g driver passenger mirrors
1g timing belt tensioner bracket
1g rear motor mount
1g gauge cluster trim
1g Throttle body elbo
1ga passenger headlight trim
1g timing belt tensioner pulley
1ga driver upper headlight trim
1g cams
1g thermostat housing
1g intake manifold
91 automatic transfer case
1g coil pack
1g driver passenger floor mats dark grey
1g SMIC intercooler
1g water pipe
1g grey door driver panels
1g passenger door panel
1g under steering wheel grey foam trim (by knees)
1g talon passenger tail light
1g driver pasenger B pillar plastics
1g carpet chenter consol kick panels
1g driver under door side molding
1g driver passenger A pillers
1g 91 silver eclipse front bumper

2g fuel rail
2g timing belt cover
2g driver passenger mirrors black
2g driver motor mount
2g throttle body
2g FWD rear wheel bearings
2g talon driver air bag
2g 97 Gst ecu
2g fuel pressure regulator FPR and b&m adjustable regulator
2g front seal cover
2g FWD front brake pads (500 miles)
2gb foglights
2g gauge cluster trim (stock)
2g gauge cluster trim (dual gauges)
2g battery strap
2g black 3 gauge pillar
2g blinker assembly
2g stock fuel pumps
2g stock intinity amp
2g FWD fuel sending unit
2g coolant reservoir
2g dual piston big brake calipers
2g head
2g AWD front axles
2g throttle body
2g lower coolant pipe
2g shift cables
95 96 manual transfer cases
2g shifter assembly
2g non LSD rear end complete with cradle wheel bearings and all
2g non LSD rear axles
2g built FWD TRE tranny
2g 95 96 awd manual tranny
2g radiator
2g intake manifold (one with MAP sensor)
2g steering wheel dark grey
2g talon passenger tail light
2g passenger white door
2g rear speaker plastick black
2gb front bumper
2g black dash
2g passenger floor mat (eclipse)
2g FWD driver axle
5ft 2g mas extension wire
2g grey front cloth seats
2g mas air flow sensor
2g driver front splash guard
2g SMIC shroud
2g driver inner splash guard

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How much for the fuel pressure gauge shipped to 40503?

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95talonracer has exceeded their stored private messages quota and can not accept further messages until they clear some space

Interested in a few parts :)

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38mm TiAl style... What kind is it? Ebay? PM price to 18960

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Your parents/wife/girlfriend must hate you. That's a lot of parts.

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1timehondalover said:
Your parents/wife/girlfriend must hate you. That's a lot of parts.
Well you are right it is my mom that hates it and that is why I am trying to sell it all. Please help me out and it is also to help me move out. I am trying to move into a house and all of the parts sales will help with that and get me out of my moms house.
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